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As leading experts whole body wellness, we focus on the health and vitality of your entire nervous system, the system that controls all other functionalities in your body. Rather than treating a symptom or viewing you as simply a diagnosis, our approach is based in restoring function to your body. A body that is fully functioning can adapt to the illnesses and stressors that come its way.

Family takes care of each other.

We are proud to have a vibrant, bustling practice! We take time to greet each of our patients by name, build a personal relationship with you and listen to your needs. We provide only the best care for our family!

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Harrison
Dr. Harrison
Doctor and Owner
Patient Relations
Front Desk Coordinator
Marketing Manager

After we found ourselves in the ER for the sixth time for croup, I knew we needed to find something else for my boys. I feel chiropractic care was vital in the healing process. Since we started seeing Dr. Harrison, I have seen a significant improvement in his health and he no longer gets croup!

Grace M.Allen, TX

Dr. Harrison is absolutely amazing! We’ve seen such a difference in our daughter’s mobility since coming in. She's also had less drainage and ear infections…can’t recommend him enough!

Amanda L.Dallas, TX

I began seeing Dr. Harrison several years ago. I was scheduled to fly to Italy and was in bad shape. I could not have flown that long flight without his help. Since then, I go for monthly visits to stay healthy. I really appreciate his care.

Barb J.Lucas, TX
(214) 215-4119
107 Suncreek Drive, Suite 400
Allen, TX 75013