We, at New Directions Chiropractic, are indeed a WHOLE family chiropractic office!  Like we often say, if you’re busy taking care of everyone else, who is taking care of you? That’s where we can help! Simply put, how well your body is functioning is based upon the integrity of your nervous system. This means true health is how well your body works not how you  feel.

Adults who seek chiropractic care experience:  

  • Increased immunity 
  • Enhanced focus 
  • Improved sleep  
  • More comfort and energy 
  • Better mood and stability 

Chiropractic care takes time and effort. Our goal is to provide you with true healing with a long-lasting, healthy outcome. We look forward to providing care to you and your family! 


After we found ourselves in the ER for the sixth time for croup, I knew we needed to find something else for my boys. I feel chiropractic care was vital in the healing process. Since we started seeing Dr. Harrison, I have seen a significant improvement in his health and he no longer gets croup!

Grace M.Allen, TX

Dr. Harrison is absolutely amazing! We’ve seen such a difference in our daughter’s mobility since coming in. She's also had less drainage and ear infections…can’t recommend him enough!

Amanda L.Dallas, TX

I began seeing Dr. Harrison several years ago. I was scheduled to fly to Italy and was in bad shape. I could not have flown that long flight without his help. Since then, I go for monthly visits to stay healthy. I really appreciate his care.

Barb J.Lucas, TX